Small Dragon

Small Dragons

Developers:Encryption and Happy Phantom

Mod ID-519998112

posted: June 5, 2016

by: Robin Lee

The Small Dragons mod was released on September 20, 2015. We initially made the mod because we thought the original boss dragon was way too big and unobtainable for taming. After we got started on it, we wanted to make other additions and it kept going from there.

This mod adds a rare smaller dragon to the game. Has a custom AI, comes in many different color variations, with six color regions 0-5 and now supports armor with more pieces to come. These dragons are roughly the size of a TRex, breathe fire, and when tamed they will land with an all stop whistle.

Taming and mating these Small Dragon is fairly easy. For taming your best bet is to use the Rex Kibble and follow it up with Prime Meat. The mating can be a little tricky with the distance of the Wandering to Mate, so make sure you have them in a tight enclosure or the mating will be continuously interrupted. Once you have successfully mated your Small Dragons, you will be rewarded with a fertilized Small Dragon Egg.

Considering a lot of mods require you to stack them at or near the top, we have made sure that this mod can be placed basically anywhere, but is recommended to be near the bottom so it won't interfere with others. We have also included several ini setting for you to customze your Small Dragon settings. Just be sure not to get too carried away with them, cranking them up too much can cause problems with your game.