7-year-old fights back during Gamestop robbery

posted: June 5, 2016

by: Robin Lee

Two gunmen entered a Gamestop store in Silver Spring, Maryland on Friday, May 20th at just before 9pm pointing their guns at customers and two clerks. While no one was seriously injured, they did manage to run out of the door with cash and personal belongings.

But not before a 7-year-old boy stood up to one of them by throwing punch after punch, all while holding a plush toy, until he was overpowered and pushed away.

The boy went to Gamestop with his parents to buy a present for a friend's birthday. He was browsing around, separated from his parents when the robbers ran in.

"He saw a stranger and tried to defend himself" the boy's father said "He's a brave young boy and we're proud of him".

The store's manager gave this brave young boy the plushie doll as thanks.