Surgeon Simulator 2013: Inside Donald Trump

posted: June 6, 2016

by: Robin Lee

Bossa Studios has recently release a new DLC for Surgeon Simulator 2013 called Inside Donald Trump.

Now it is only free if you already own Surgeon Simulator 2013: Anniversary Edition. If not, you can buy the Anniversary Edition or just the Inside Donald Trump DLC at a discounted price for a short time.

Now with this DLC, players will be giving Donald Trump a heart transplant. It is up to you whether or not he gets a heart of gold or a heart of stone. But it doesn't stop there, you also get a variety of other interesting things to do to Mr. Trump.

After putting a little time into trying to figure out the wonky controls and repeatedly killing my patients, I decided to try my hand at Trump.

Of course, I played around before I got started in on the actual surgery part. I smeared lipstick all over his face, pulled on his hair, slapped him around a bit with the steak and doused him with the Trump Vodka.

And as I'm sure you've already guessed, I killed him, over and over again. The controls are so wonky and confusing that I could barely get the rib cage off. After a couple of tries, I finally managed to get the rib cage off and went to work trying to get all the organs out of the way to put the new heart in. I was almost there, all I had to do was put the new heart in. But before I could do that he died....again. I couldn't get the case open that had the new heart.

After killing Trump somewhere around 10 or so times I finally completed the surgery and gave him a heart of stone. I'll probably go back and try it again with a heart of gold later. It's a lot harder than it looks in the trailer. But after you get use to the way the controls work it gets easier.

It took me about two hours and several dead patients to figure out the controls and complete my first surgery.

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