E3 Hype

posted: June 14, 2016

by: Robin Lee

Every year gaming companies get people all amped up with E3. And every year they leave people with more questions than answers. They show their trailers, give small tidbits of information and try to get you excited so you'll buy their game, that may or may not be release sometime in the near future.

It's like a a back to back to-be-continued for days on end. Some of the games announced actually have a release date and some just have an ETA, while the majority of them just leave you hanging for months.

I personally don't care much for E3. I would rather wait until they at least have a release date and more information on a game before hearing about it. I understand that it takes time to make a game and that they want to boost sales and get the word out, but I don't want to wait a year just to find out that the game they announced has been pushed back again or isn't coming out at all.

They should reserve E3 for games that already have a release date or at least more than a small paragraph of information with a picture or game logo attached. I want to know what the game is about, how the game play is, all the platforms it will be on, does it allow for mod support and any possible future plans in the works.

It's all about rumors and leaks with very few facts that eventually lead to more hype and media attention for games and products that may never see the light of day.